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Why Music Education is Not Prepared (Yet) to Lead Whole School Reform

Kinhaven 2014-371As sure as the sun rises and sets, every few years our government rolls out a new brand of education reform.  Some legislation is epic (NCLB, anyone?); other laws “chip away” at our education system in small chunks.

The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) has trumped NCLB as the latest panacea for educating all of our children, and in turn has given music education a small seat at what was once reserved as the “STEM table”.  But is music and arts education ready to sit at this table?  Are we prepared to carry the torch of whole school reform as artists and musicians and show our test-driven, rubric loving, number-crunching politicians, administrators and colleagues the way towards educating the great minds of the future?

We are not ready.  Not yet.

While this is an incomplete list below, here are 3 reasons why the music world — and its educators — are not quite ready to lead whole school reform, but how we can begin to get there sooner rather than later:

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