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A Parent’s Guide to Music Practicing

Kinhaven 7-5-16-22This is a guest post by John Skelton.  He is the author of “Best Practicing: A Parent’s Guide to Beginning Strings” and the soon to be released “Take Note Method” for beginning strings. He has over fifteen years of experience teaching in private and public schools at all levels. Since becoming a professional educator, he has dedicated his career to finding better methods of instruction for school and home.

There are many questions that parents have when their child brings home an instrument from school for the first time. Will my child enjoy learning this instrument? Will they get anything out of it? How far will they go with it?

The reality that quickly sets in after the first or second lesson, however, is that these philosophical little questions give way to more practical concerns: Are they practicing enough? Are they practicing the right thing? Are they doing it the right way?

From my experience as a teacher and a parent, practicing boils down to six main questions:

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